Christine’s Parenting without Borders

1. We need to let 3-year-olds climb trees and 5-year-olds use knives
2. We need to build their self-control
3. We need more education at home
4. We need to make them independent
5. We need to teach obligations

Design that Works

  1. Exploit implicit memory - the system underlying unconscious memories
  2. Like something because it related to some other things you like, or people you admire (related to Second-Order Conditioning as well)
  3. People buy a particular brand of jeans, because unaware of “remembering” advertisement for that brand (design ads that work!)
  4. Implicit memory is also involved in repetition priming, somehow related to design that works!

Study & Exam Tips based on PSY100

  1. Overlearning is the best! Check whether you have reach the overlearning point or not for every subject on Friday (do it on weekend if you’re not)
  2. Distributed practice > massed practice - get everything learned by the Sunday
  3. Short-term memory (STM) starts with attention. Unattended information is lost.
  4. Long-term memory (LTM) starts with rehearsal. Unrehearsed information is lost.
  5. Sensory memory -> ATTENTION -> Short-Term Memory -> REHEARSAL -> Long-Term Memory
  6. Strategy 1 - Pay full attention even it is a pain. To make it easier to pay full attention - read before class
  7. Strategy 2 - Review after class on the day of class (maybe before sleep), do exercise/problem sets before Sunday, and review again on Sunday
  8. Strategy 3 - Make Sunday a day of review and preview
  9. What if messed up? Get back to strategy 1, and apply strategy 2 and 3 as of current understanding, and do catch up later. 
  10. Iqra’ - university model.

UT-ED Talk Formula

UT-ED Talk Formula

  1. Serial Position Effect
  2. Primary effect - middle - Recency Effect
  3. 5 min - 8 min - 5 min
  4. People remembers the first 5 min and the last 5 min unless connection are made between the middle and the others
“But those who overload their systems by, for example, studying while checking email, instant messaging and watching television will do worse at all these tasks thean they would if they focused on one at a time”
Manhart, 2004